(Ma) 2018 is an Anglo~Japanese interdisciplinary collaboration between artists, scientists and engineers. will be presented in a series of phases (events/installations) over a period of two years, leading to a final show in 2018.
Phase 2 (Sen no Rikyū ~ 千利休) will be determined by the development of phase 1. Each phase is autonomous whilst forming part of a collective narrative.

私は修正を得ることができません | I Can’t Get A Fix
PHASE 1 ~ LONDON 2016 | 相 1 ~ ロンドン。2016

Will consist of 8 monochrome images, 1500mm x 1000mm on light sensitive material. This is a ‘time contingent’ exhibition. The 8 images will fade to black within the time frame of the show. The last image will experience a second metamorphosis – a new shape will be revealed. is also concerned with transience. The title of phase 1 plays on the fact the images will have no fixing agent which enables the transformation. To achieve a second transformation is in development; First metamorphosis will be organic, second electronic. The development of this final image will be the prototype for a physical object. One will peel off (polaroid?) a layer to reveal a negative/conceptual inverse. Exhibition will incorporate 8 live video streams from venue. The image design is ergonomic and rapid in its execution; 18 thousand days incubation. Phase 1 is a critique of the eastern and western perspective regarding our position in the world as individuals and collective… both come with their negative and positive. To consider, the profound effect the first application of perspective had on western thinking, largely ignored in the east at this time.

Goldfish 金魚

Ergonomic 人間工学に基づいた

East 東

West 西

Good 良い

Bad 悪い

Big Car 大きな車

For Rent 賃借する